Learning to run long distances

July 4, 2020

I’ve been running a bunch recently (especially given there is little else to do with the current lockdown in place). While it’s certainly a great way to clear the mind, it’s been interesting how much I dread just how long a longer run takes.

At this point, my longer weekend runs are hitting 30km or so, taking me a little longer than 3 hours (not terribly fast), and I run this pretty well continuously save to navigate, avoid getting hit by cars etc. While it does take it’s toll physically, certainly getting uncomfortable, I feel I break the run down in order to manage the passage of time as much as anything else.

Due to some sense of masochism, and an insistence to only do one thing at a time, I don’t listen to anything or make use of the time in any way apart from to run. Sometimes I have company, and that can be pleasant. Running alone however, it’s somehow psychologically hard to face the monotony of these runs.

I’ve had the same sense before, in long walks (~24 hours). I suspect the mild discomfort of running makes this easier to come by.

I suspect there is something valuable in learning to feel the proper passage of time again, without all the bullshit distraction of every day life.